Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tool is a very efficient service provider tool by Google for webmaster. Webmaster tool is used to check status and visibility of any website.

Webmaster tool has many function and one of them is that we can change our website geographically according to the target market of any business. In short Webmaster tool help us to run our website in the area of our choice or as per the need of target customers. Step by step in webmaster tool we can change the location. Following are the step to change or choose geographical location:-

Step I   Login in Webmaster tool and select your website


Step II   Select site setting from the right side gear boxWebmaster Tool 3.

Webmaster Tool 3

Step II   Click on “target user in” in order to activate list of countries.Webmaster Tool 3

Webmaster Tool 4

Step III   Select Country of your choice or depending upon the need of target market from the list shown on picture given below.Webmaster Tool 3

Webmaster Tool 5

Step IV  After selecting country from the list, now click the save button, so that changes has been saved for your website.Webmaster Tool 3

Webmaster Tool6